Your ultimate guide to getting an accurate block laying quote

We take pride in doing a bang-on job every time. Not only does it take a team of stand-up guys working together to deliver quality work every time, but getting a job right also depends on experience, and knowing what to expect before we get there. When we’re heading to site, we want to know we’ve prepared for every possibility and have all the right equipment and blocks to get your job done on time and with no nasty surprises. That’s why we plan ahead and create accurate quotes based on the best information. But what do we need from you to give you the most accurate quote possible?


Long before we get to site with blocks and layers, we need to understand what kind of work our clients are looking for. That could include anything from the size or type of block they’d like to the footprint or path of their wall, and any extra features they might like including decorative finishes that require extra time and skill.

We’re often quoting from plans provided by Quantity Surveyors (QS). These plans will show us any and all walls that we’re being asked to lay, but the more detail, the better. You can’t have too much information on a dimensioned plan!


We use a qualified QS to do our take offs so we have the most accurate figures for all the elements we’re going to need. We scale from the plans and make calculations for the number of blocks we’ll need to organise. But we also need to consider how much steel is needed in the block work. Steel bars – sometimes call rebar – give concrete blocks great support and help them withstand flexural stresses, which is important in earthquake-prone New Zealand. Getting that right is a big deal, so we’re careful to make sure we’ve got these in the mix when needed.

There are a few other materials to consider, like mortar, but usually the next consideration for a job is whether we’ll need scaffolding. Not all jobs need scaffolding, but when we’re working at height it’s definitely needed for safety and support.


With every Quality Masonry project, we ask ourselves what level of skill is needed to complete the block laying. If special skills are required – such as for special detailing or complex patterns – then we’ll make sure our most experienced layers are there to lead the work and maintain our high standard. Complex jobs are a great opportunity for our less experienced layers to learn, but we’ll always have a more experienced layer overseeing the project.


We also need to think about how our layers are getting to site, which includes everything from the travel time to parking availability. We need to ensure that our layers have a clear path to the planned wall or blockwork site, especially if they’re working around other contractors, as is often the case. We’re also keeping an eye on how much carrying the team will need to do, and we’re keen to ensure they have the right equipment to minimise stress, time, and the risk of injury.

No one likes half a quote, so we look at the whole picture and give the most accurate figures we can before we get started. Once all of the above has been taken into account, we can prepare an accurate quote for the work ahead so no one gets any nasty surprises.

So there you go – some of the things that go on when we’re preparing a block laying quote. For us, the goal is to be as accurate and as all-inclusive as possible. Having the right team on the job, with the right tools, materials, and skills is the best way to ensure the job’s done right. Keen for an accurate quote for your next block laying project? Get in touch today.

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