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Off tools for the moment – and looking back at a great year

Like a lot of businesses at the moment, we’ve had to put things on hold while we’ve been in lockdown. Not ideal, we know – especially when we’ve been keeping busy with some great projects across the greater Auckland region. While we have some down time, we thought it would be good to look back and celebrate some of what’s made the last twelve months a real success.

Securing new work

In the last few months, we’ve gained contracts for three new school jobs including work for Waterview and Glendowie schools, which will be a great boost once we get back on site.

Looking back, last August we secured four apartments for CJM Construction in Karaka. Laying 12,000-odd blocks certainly kept us busy, on and off site over a couple of months as the entire project took shape. The builders and landscapers were about to finish off the gardens before winter set in, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this comes together and opens up.

A masonry home right on Takapuna beach certainly made it easy going to work when some impressive beach views were quite literally on the client’s doorstep! Since building is a long game, it’ll be a few months yet before this client moves in, but I reckon the view is worth the wait.

Something slightly different was completing work for the America’s Cup races. We provided a block base and retaining wall for one of the international racers via Stride Projects, who we’re working with for the Waterview Primary project.

We’re grateful for all our colleagues and associates in the industry, not least of all Manson’s TCLM Limited who have kept us very busy. Their latest work includes the seven-level, six-green star rated building on Fanshawe St which we at Quality Masonry had our own small hand in.

A strong and diverse team

We’ve shored up our team with five layers and a labourer, but our team of six is still one of the most efficient teams out there.

Part of that comes down to having good sorts on the tools, working hard on site every day. Being an efficient, tight-knit team also means we’re more than capable of handling everything from a block of apartments to a garden wall. And of course, because I’m on site managing and overseeing every project and the foremen are running their jobs, we’re keeping up that Quality Masonry high standard.

A busy industry

One thing’s for sure: we’ve been busy. Until a couple of weeks ago, we were still going out every day. In early March, we were gearing up to provide the walls around a pool and landscaping project for a client on Waiheke Island – in fact, we were about to pour when we got the word that we’d have to hold fire for a while. Just as well our client is an understanding sort; we’ve done one project for them already, and have another two lined up, so when this all blows over they – and we – will be keen to see their projects completed and looking great.

Things have been on hold, but it’s just a pause; we’ve set ourselves up well and will be ready to get back on site as soon as lockdown ends. We might be apart, but I’m proud of what the team has achieved over the last year – and am excited for what’s yet to come.