Stronger together: building with overseas labour

Here at Quality Masonry, we reckon if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. That’s why we bring together a great bunch of block layers and foremen who are awesome at what they do. They’re a diverse bunch too, with many of our best having come from overseas and found a place with us, working hard and delivering great results.

Overseas labour can be a real boon. Especially when cities like Auckland are expanding up and out at a faster and faster rate, overseas workers can fill the gap left by a shortage of skilled local workers. While that means it’s a great time for Kiwis to upskill, there’s also an opportunity to invest in overseas professionals who are committed to working well in New Zealand.

It’s never been easier for skilled workers to move here for employment. There’s a huge pool of labourers who applied for work visas – over 12,500 labourers’ work visas were approved in 2018 alone! That means a great chance of finding enthusiastic and talented people to invest in from anywhere in the world.

Take Raff, one of our valued foremen and all-around good bloke who learned block laying in his hometown in central Afghanistan, and who’s an out-and-out asset to our team. (We chatted about him in a previous blog.) We’ve also recently brought in three staffers from the Philippines – Ervin, Jimmy, and Rico. Not only are they awesome to have on board, they are helping us maintain our high standard for work in block laying around Auckland.

Working on site wouldn’t be the same without these good sorts at part of our team – not only are they great at what they do, but they also offer fresh perspectives on the world. We get a fantastic opportunity to share our Kiwi culture and learn about how others in the world live. 

It’s not just perspective. Our overseas workers give us a real edge – since every project is different, having fresh ideas on site can make a real difference. Our overseas workers often bring in solutions to everyday problems that we might not have thought of, and when that new perspective meets the Building Code, we can work some real magic.

Since our local senior guys know the regulations and Building Code best, we tend to have them in charge of projects – they can keep an eye on everything and maintain our high Quality Masonry standards while our newer team members learn the best practices. It’s a great learning opportunity, and a chance for our newest labourers to develop the skills and advance regardless of where they’re from, under the supervision of our senior guys. 

We’re pretty proud of our guys – they’re hard working and knowledgeable, and they care about what they do. Ultimately that means we’ve got teams on site who work well together, and can continue to deliver projects on time and on budget every time.