Constructing Blockbases in Auckland

At Quality Masonry, we build blockbases that meet your design specifications and ensure your building is structurally secure and will stand the test of time. We use high quality materials and we never cut corners – high quality workmanship is one of the main reasons we have such a high reputation in the industry.

Every person on our team not only has experience of all block construction work, including the construction of blockbases, but they also have experience overcoming difficult situations. Whatever you are presented with on your site, we can help.

We offer competitive prices and we also complete work on time to help you keep your building project on schedule. Whether that project is commercial or residential, you should call us.

What We Offer

  • Over 19 years’ experience in the industry with an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • A pro-active approach to ensure your project is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Expert help and advice

Get a Quote

Just like your building will stand on the blockbase we build, our business stands on our reputation. This means you can have peace of mind that we won’t let you down. Whether your project is big or small, get a quote today.

Call now to get a free, no obligation blockbases construction quote. Call 0800 44 22 60.