Meet Shane: Our Master Foreman

At Quality Masonry, we pride ourselves on having some pretty great guys on the team. One of those is Shane, one of our main foreman. Working tirelessly on the front lines of Quality Masonry, he’s one of the core reasons we always deliver our projects to the highest quality, on time.

He’s been with us for 10 years, starting off as an apprentice and earning all his qualifications in block laying along the way.

Since then, he’s gone on to help build our reputation as the best block layers out there. “It’s great to be with the same company that saw me through getting qualified,” shares Shane about why he’s stuck around so long.

Shane appreciates feeling productive at work. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a construction job, seeing that it’s complete and thinking, “Ah yes I did that!”

He considers every job an achievement when he’s finished and is proud to work for Quality Masonry.

In his spare time, you can catch him chilling out in the garden, working around the house, and doing a bit of landscaping when he can.

Keen for a new challenge? Join the Quality Masonry team

Do you know any young or strong, able people looking for a great opportunity? We’re on the hunt for new labourers to join the Quality Masonry team – a worthwhile career opportunity for anyone who isn’t afraid of hard work. There aren’t all that many block-laying apprentices in Auckland but there is plenty of work out there.

It’s a physical job but it’s also really rewarding – and the work keeps coming! If anyone you know could suit the block laying profession, please let us know.