Getting the foundations right: A Kalmar project

For businesses like Kalmar, a good reputation in the construction industry is built one block at a time. One of their newest projects, SKHY Precinct – an apartment block on Khyber Pass Rd in Auckland – needed reliable subbies to deliver quality workmanship and results. That’s how they knew the team at Quality Masonry would be the right choice for their block laying needs.

Getting it right

Aaron Goddard, Site Manager for Kalmar, says the right tradies make all the difference in a construction project. With directors personally committed to the success of each project, Aaron needed subbies on site with a plan of action and good heads on their shoulders to ensure a high standard would be maintained.

“In today’s market of too much work and not enough labour, we are finding there are a lot of quality issues,” says Aaron. “The biggest challenges are people showing up to work and not having done any work prior, or having me show up every five minutes to make sure their work is right.”

Just as well the quantity surveyor for this project has a good relationship with Phil McKay and knew that our team had the block laying skills and experience to work with Aaron to deliver the right results.

Real strength

Aaron’s task for Quality Masonry included a couple of retaining walls, a block lift from ground to level five, and a couple of blocks through the stairwell of the new apartment building. 

“Design- and build-wise, thankfully it was a straightforward project,” says Aaron.

With a solid opportunity like this, we worked hard to prove our worth over and over.

“They’d come and do a floor in a day – come for one day, get a floor poured, come back 10 days later… Everything was done in time that we wanted.”

But it’s not just about reliable workmanship. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Quality Masonry is the right attitude towards getting a project done. With a focus on the bigger picture, our team pride ourselves on knowing how to work with site managers like Aaron and his team to ensure we’re always on track.

“I need people who show up pre-planned, know what they’re doing, and highlight and solve issues,” he said. “Sometimes Quality Masonry would show up and things weren’t yet ready. They’d work in with us to get it done. They’d help for the final cause, not just have a moan and bugger off.”

Results, as promised

“We need people who can show up with a good plan, know what they’re doing, and come to me with any major issues,” shares Aaron about why initiative and responsibility are so important on a job site.

The outcome of choosing to work with Quality Masonry? Results, as promised. “The end results were good: what we expected and what we paid for. Everything we wanted was done in time.”

Choosing Quality Masonry for Kalmar’s latest project meant a hassle-free block laying component from a switched-on team.

“The guys on site were good – they worked well together. Phil was very accommodating and we worked together to mitigate any issues of programming and delay and get things done on time.”

With Quality Masonry’s work done, Kalmar’s apartment block is on track for completion in July 2019. We can’t wait to see the final product.