3 Questions to Ask before Engaging a Block Layer

It’s been a interesting couple of months for us, with COVID knocking us – and others in the construction industry – back a couple of steps. The good news is restrictions are ending and we’re getting plenty of calls for work.

More often than not, we’re contracted by an architect or builder to work on a project. Once we’ve sorted dates and details, we get stuck into it. But for those who don’t know our work, there are often a few questions that pop up. So, we thought we’d cover a few of them, and talk about the difference a good laying team makes.

Can you work off dimensioned plans?

This really is our bread and butter, and dimensioned plans are by far the easiest way to start a project. As we talked about in a previous blog, dimensioned plans allow us to understand really clearly the type of work our clients are after. Everything from block dimensions to decorative features and the footprint of the laying itself gets spelled out here, so it makes our work easy.

If you don’t have a dimensioned plan, that’s okay too. We can organise a surveyor on larger projects, or for smaller projects like garden features we can take care of things in-house. 

What’s your timing like?

This is a two-prong question – it’s about how long a job will take, and how quickly we can get started. Both are a bit like asking How long’s a piece of string?

Sometimes we can start big projects this week, sometimes they’re a couple of weeks away. It can vary a lot, especially given that some block laying work is staggered as, say, an apartment building goes up or a development takes shape. So although we may have big projects on the go, sometimes there are gaps that we can fill with smaller projects, which means it’s always worth asking. 

As I mentioned, we’re doing well at the moment, which means our calendar is keeping us out of trouble. We like to think that if you’re keeping busy, then that’s a good sign you’re doing good work.

Ultimately, though, we like to make sure that we deliver whatever we promise. Regardless of the project, we turn up when we say we will, work to our budget, and do the best work we can.

Why is there a difference in price between you and the competition?

If I had a dollar for every time I’d been asked this, I could have retired by now!

Shopping around’s a pretty normal part of the construction game, as anyone who’s engaged a contractor for a home reno or big project will know. It’s also become a bigger part of the conversation after the recent slowdown. You want to make sure you’re getting a fair deal, and that you’re going to get a quality finished product, too.

Materials cost the same across the board, so no one’s getting the same blocks or bricks for that much cheaper, unless they’re using seconds when they should be using firsts. Generally, where someone cuts costs is in worker pay, or safety. So when I hear that some crowds out there are offering the “same” work as us but for half the price, I’m a bit suss.

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

It’s possible that some crews out there are using underpaid workers, rushing work, and cashing cheques before anyone notices. It’s easy to see dodgy work out there – just look for the wonky lines, walls that don’t sit square or straight, or block work slowly sinking into the soil due to weak foundations. It’s leagues apart from quality work, which is built to stand the test of time.

As we talked about in another earlier blog, we dedicate a lot of time and effort into getting the right materials and qualified skills on site, and making sure the logistics are watertight so that we can get the job done quickly, safely, and well.

So if you’re keen for a quality job done right, get in touch.

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